Rebirth (Lesson 5): Unconditional acceptance of self and life



Rebirth (Lesson 5): Unconditional acceptance of self and life


The content of the 5th lecture refers to the area of ​​the 4th chakra, the ability of unconditional love and acceptance. The chakras open and strengthen their function by raising awareness and resolving the constraints that prevent the chakras from functioning on their own. In doing so, they automatically start opening back up. It doesn’t make sense, to use the “push” tactic to forcibly open the chakras with a pendulum, for example – which is a completely pointless thing to do and is, at best, only a temporary solution.

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The content of the 5th lecture refers to the area of ​​the 4th chakra, the ability of unconditional love and acceptance. We will also talk in detail about stress. It includes detailed explanations about:

  • lecture on the 4th chakra
  • stress, beneficial and harmful
  • explanation of polarity and complementary energies
  • a lecture on Merkava and a guided meditation Merkava
  • fears located in the 4th chakra
  • an intensive guided process

Love, compassion, connection with ourselves

Taoism, an ancient Chinese philosophy, looks at this in such a way, that what you want the universe to give you, you must first give to the universe, and the universe strengthens that vibration and returns it to you multiplied. So, if you want to strengthen your compassion, but there is not much of it in your life, then imagine that on an exhale, we are sending compassion to the environment and the universe, and when we inhale, we feel how we are getting it back even more, and then on the next exhalation, we give even more and we repeat the process and observe what happens.

Lecture on the 4th chakra

The heart chakra lies at the height of the heart and is the center of love, compassion, and connection, and is the home of our soul.  Another name for it is Anahata. In the healing process, the heart center is paramount, lying at the intersection of all the chakras, connecting them and converting earth-level energies into spiritual energies and vice versa. This center develops from 3 to 6 years, when the child seeks his relationships in the family and the wider environment, imitates, and develops his style of personality, friendship, and playtime. We provide him with loving support, we allow him to gradually expand the network of relationships and make him feel loved and connected to the outside world. Neglect, emotional abuse, or shameful childhood experiences have consequences. They lead to a chronic state of sadness later in life.

Fears located in the 4th chakra

The most common are fears of giving, of ties to other people, as well as of giving up ties and things. Fear of loneliness, fear of being hurt and emotionally hurt or betrayed, or deceived, makes us afraid of relationships. We are afraid of commitments and emotional wounds. We feel unworthy of love, we are afraid of rejection and need constant confirmation. This chakra is also associated with fear of expressing affection, fear of our weaknesses, and fear of abandonment. As a result, we develop numbness and hatred and are unable to forgive ourselves and others. In relationships with others, such blockages outwardly manifest as jealousy, possessiveness, and envy.


We will delve into the topic of stress, our daily companion. When I live my life in a stress regime, I no longer have a good connection with myself. Due to stress, the body takes away energy from the brain, immune and digestive system and turns it into stress hormone. Stress hormones increase energy, but they have to take it from somewhere. Most importantly, the body, which is under stress for a long time or even every day no longer functions optimally physiologically. Stress can be physical – we may experience a car accident, or we are physically exhausted beyond the limit, in which case the body loses strength for ongoing regeneration. Stress can also be emotional, but we also know chemical stress – poor diet, drugs, chemicals, etc.

Stress can be harmful or beneficial.

Stress can be useful when dosed in small amounts. The opposite of stress is a CHALLENGE. A challenge is an optimal state when we are doing something that we are up for. For example, if an athlete wants to improve performance (a person on a recreational level is not under stress because they stick to how much they are comfortable with) he must always overload the organism little by little, so much that he can regenerate until the next day and the organism will react to this partial stress with progress. The organism will slightly upgrade its abilities so that it can achieve better results the next day. An athlete is constantly crossing his boundaries and is thus capable of more and more. It is not only a physical but also an emotional burden, because stress increases with increasing levels of competition (school, municipal, national, European, global), but that still counts as positive stress. An example of positive stress is also when we increase the amplitude of an exercise every day by adding more amplitudes each day, thus preparing the body for more and more. Gradual and controlled addition of positive stress can also be considered to improve concentration. Another example of that is to improve the body’s thermoregulation – the body gets better at adapting to cold and very hot environments. It is a form of useful positive stress, because without it there is no progress, and even with age, people need some stressful situations to maintain their fitness because it is necessary for us to maintain our physical strength and concentration. With age, the physical condition slowly goes down because the adrenal glands, which are responsible for the stress response, no longer produce as many hormones as we need to respond quickly, so our adaptation to what we do takes longer.

Stress is harmful when there is too much of it when it lasts from day to day, and it burden ourselves physically and emotionally, even more, we keep thinking about what happened to us and we tell other people about it, which only potentiates the matter. Prolonged stress is stopping the immune system daily because we took away its energy. It also stops the digestive system because we took away its energy, and we also stop the system for cell division and growth, and so the body eventually gets sick. The problem is that we cannot be in both a challenging regime and a destructive stress regime. Most diseases today are of psychosomatic origin and stress is the main effect on our problems (in as many as 70% or 80% of cases). This explanation cannot be found in psychology or healthcare textbooks… It is not enough to just be hearing on TV that we need to avoid stress – what does that even mean? If something is stressful, it is stressful and today, when we are living as we live, we have high challenges and a high standard of living, and living at high levels costs something. When I am under stress and in a situation I can’t handle, the question arises, what to do? I have nowhere to run, I can’t live in stress permanently because I’m going to get sick, so what can I do? If I can’t change my surroundings and stressful situations, I have to change something about myself. I need to prepare for the fact that I will no longer react stressfully to the circumstances, or at least not to the extent that I can’t cope with my situations. We will learn how.

Explanation of polarity and complementary energies

At the beginning of all beginnings, there was a ripple of energies of love, light, and joy and in these energies, there were potentials for everything that could ever be expressed on any level. From this potential of existence, light and darkness were created, night and day, white and black, above and below, the good and the bad. Polarities have been created – complementary halves that are only united to form a unit, a whole. This is true for everything we humans know and whatever we can think of. This applies to plants, objects, people, animals, and ideas – everything you can think of has its complementary energy, its other, complementary half, with which it collides into perfection and has the potential to express all its potential. Knowledge of the polarity of our world is an important part of the puzzle in understanding the workings of ourselves and the universe.

The intensive guided meditation process

In this guided process, we will enter the heart chakra space in a state of deep meditation, where we will transform harmful patterns and programs. We will also learn the process of obtaining extra energy and a tool for solving problems with the technique of combining polar energies, which we call Merkava.


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