Rebirth (Lesson 7): Trusting Your Intuition



Rebirth (Lesson 7): Trusting Your Intuition


The content of the 7th lecture refers to the area of ​​the 6th and 7th chakra, the ability to surrender and trust life, and we will also talk in detail about intuition. We will examine the realms of the 6th and 7th, the third eye, and crown chakras, that are connected with our intuition and truth. We learn to enter higher spiritual levels with confidence, trust, and without fear. The view of the world, ourselves, and our problems becomes much clearer if we are able to look at them from a higher perspective.

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The content of the 7th lecture refers to the area of ​​the 6th and 7th chakra, the ability to surrender and trust life, and we will also talk in detail about intuition. It includes detailed explanations about:

  • lecture on the 6th and 7th chakra
  • development of intuition
  • the process of activating the 6th chakra
  • mental health and blockages of the 6th and 7th chakra
  • fears associated with the 6th and 7th chakra
  • meditation to understand the truth about oneself

Development of intuition

Intuition is not instinct or an urge, and it’s not the same as our opinion about something. Intuition is the voice of our soul. It is most often associated with concepts such as the sixth sense, inner voice, subconscious and foreboding. It is a unique psychological phenomenon when some information about someone or something is awakened within us without any prior knowledge or experience. However, it shows up as different feelings, for example when we feel that something is wrong or that we should not do something, we sometimes get goosebumps, we feel an ant-like sensation on our skin or we might suddenly feel physically ill.

People perceive intuition in many ways, and those ways connect. We will learn how to hear the voice of our intuition and why it is important for us to develop it.

Lecture on the 6th chakra

The 6th chakra or the third eye lies in the middle of the forehead, above the nasal root. It controls all the other chakras (like the pituitary gland in the body, which regulates the functioning of other glands — the entire hormonal system). The sixth chakra is the center of our tertiary emotions, like universal love based on accepting and supporting all living beings, and on the awareness that on some level we are all connected. It is the center of reason, intelligence and secondary attention, visualization, and the understanding of mental concepts. At this stage, we begin to distinguish between the view of how we see the world and the view of how we think it should be. It allows us a clearer view through the curtain of the material world in which we find ourselves, which is full of illusions. It is the center of intellectual abilities and skills, alertness and focus, perception and behavior. This level of understanding is only possible through an open mind. The third eye is the eye of wisdom, staring at the world of energies (where there is no time and space). In this chakra, we discover what it means to “understand” and “know.” This chakra develops between years 7 to 12, at a time when the child communicates and explores the environment, forms an inner image of the world and its place in it, learns patterns, develops mental sensitivity and perception of the world with an open mind. We shouldn’t be overriding their perception in any way, we should let them develop their imagination.

Lecture on the 7th chakra

The main function of this chakra is the realization and connection with our spiritual essence. It is located at the top of the head, and it is also called the crown chakra. You need to know, that the seventh chakra only fully develops when the remaining chakras are sufficiently harmoniously developed and open. However, your spiritual development must take place spontaneously, you cannot achieve it by force.

The 7th chakra is called the divine or crown chakra (also the chakra of destiny) because it is associated with higher consciousness, with the source itself. It connects us to various cosmic sources (like a pillar of light). It is the entrance to the life energy that is constantly flowing into our energy system – we channel energy from space. It is the home of the spirit, the center of life and pure consciousness, the consciousness that is the source of everything. It is the center of prudence and service, spirituality, and understanding of the spiritual and the occult. It balances internal and external life – our involvement in the infinite dimension of life depends on it. It helps us make contact with our higher selves, with the universe, with God. Through this chakra, we have a direct connection to the transcendent dimension of life. A Yogi can leave the body through it. It represents the purest energy. Every being who is aware that everyone has divine attributes in them, has this chakra highly developed.

Fears associated with the 6th and 7th chakra

Fear of evaluation (criticism), discipline, trusting self and others, and the dark sides of other people’s characters often arise here. The fears of loss and death are also prevalent. We can be afraid of our abilities and strengths, afraid of success, and afraid to explore and get to know our inner self because we feel fear and resistance against our dark – shadow side. We may be afraid because we are convinced that we are not intelligent, but on the other hand, we may be afraid that we might abuse our intellectual power. We can feel the fear of “opening up” and the fear of seeing the truth (we are in a fog of thought). Fear of sound may also be present. Some of the other fears we find here are, letting go and surrendering to higher consciousness, fear of losing ego-identity, fear of insanity, fear of losing touch with the physical world and people, or of being left alone. Fear of self-development and self-knowledge.

Mental health and blockages of the 6th and 7th chakra

At the mental-spiritual level, disorders and blockages manifest themselves in the forms of various frustrations, fears, feelings of aimlessness, and problems with concentration. We can talk about depressive illness when a period of lower energy levels and lower abilities is present all the time and disables us from having a normal life. We talk about natural depression when, by nature, we fall into the natural process of energy deficit in autumn. We don’t get as much contact with the sun as in the summer, and this affects our energy levels. Nature goes to a state of rest and we go with it. The cause of depressive illness is, that we are not accepting reality, we do not like something and we resist it, and we blame other external situations for this condition. So the way out is the acceptance of responsibility for one’s life, the acceptance of this state of depression, which is just a passing state because if we deny this or resist this fact, we are only prolonging the agony. Most important is the acceptance of the situation, your life, and the experiences and learnings, that these states of depression have brought upon us. There is also a more complex cause of depression, for example, if someone in the family has committed suicide or any provoked abortions have been present. Because doing this is tantamount to killing the love within oneself, it creates a deficit of love, which increases self-destruction and dissatisfaction with life.

Blockages of these two chakras can occur, for example, if we as children live in a society where spirituality is ridiculed and where science and experiencing the world with our 5 senses only are placed upon a pedestal. That environment disconnects us from our spirituality, we have no cosmic sense and do not understand people, when they talk about their spiritual experiences. Because children are more connected to the spirit world, it often happens that they testify to us about seeing phenomena and persons that are not visible to the naked eye. If parents are afraid of the unknown and do not trust their children and even criticize them for their perception of the invisible world, children can emotionally shut down.

The process of activating the 6th chakra and the process of understanding the truth about oneself

I guide you through the process of immersing yourself in the space of the 6th chakra, the sea of ​​cosmic energies and higher perception, and the process of getting to know and encounter your true, spiritual self.


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