Rebirth (Lesson 4): Live As Your True Self



Rebirth (Lesson 4): Live As Your True Self


Through this lecture, you will learn about the 3rd chakra, otherwise known as the Solar Plexus. You will also learn about how our mind works on different levels: subconscious and higher consciousness – which are related to the 3rd chakra. This lecture will also help you discover which blockages and patterns are blocking this chakra. You will be guided through the processes of discovering and transforming destructive and harmful patterns located in the 3rd chakra, and a process for connecting with your true essence and expanding the horizons of your consciousness beyond the limits of the thinking mind.

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The content of the 4th lecture covers all the areas connected to ​​the 3rd chakra. It includes detailed explanations about:

  • lecture on the 3rd chakra
  • ego and the need to control
  • a guided meditation process for installing love in our core and transforming destructive patterns
  • why are emotions important
  • consciousness, subconscious, and the higher consciousness
  • mediation process WHO AM I

Lecture on the 3rd chakra

The chakra system also represents levels of consciousness and awareness that rise up the ladder with each chakra, from 1st to 7th, from the Earthly realm to the spiritual. By understanding and cleansing these energy centers, our consciousness gradually grows as well. The third chakra operates in the element of fire at the stage of our mental level and is the driving energy force for all other chakras. The third chakra is related to power, to my power – how confident and powerful I feel depends on how well this center operates. It also contains an entry on how many desires I would like to fulfill I have, and whether I can fulfill them. In this chakra, however, we also meet with our Ego, who resides here. It is the Ego that likes to get us into trouble and vicious circles of bad habits. Our task is to know how to recognize and separate the Ego from our true essence, our soul, and to overcome it by raising our consciousness. The power of the third chakra is important for working on ourselves because when we decide to make a change and resolve something, we urgently need the energy of the 3rd chakra to support us in the doing.

Control, excessive overseeing, and the Ego

Patterns of control and supervision are among the most harmful ones and are really of no use to anyone. It’s good to realize, that as long as we live with holding on to control and supervision, that means not surrendering to life and love. If I want to let go, feel more relieved, feel freer, and have more energy, it’s important to surrender and trust the flow of life. Resisting this current brings us nothing but a loss of energy and bitterness. The need to ALWAYS BE RIGHT also stems from this energy center. The bigger and more condensed this pattern is inside me, the more closed off I am, and the harder it is for me to accept my surroundings and the reality of my situation, and this awareness is a very important element in working on myself. This pattern, found in the 3rd chakra, makes me stiff, heavy, and uncomfortable with myself and my surroundings. At this point, it is very important that you are very honest with yourself and that you can admit if you control yourself, situations, children, other people, etc. Only when you can admit it, then you can change and transform this harmful pattern and ascend a step higher in consciousness.

Fears and blockages that disable the 3rd chakra

Our fears are written in the plexus, including the fears we experienced as children. The patterns we most often face are the urge to control and the need for supervision of others, and both of these needs stem from fear. If we use supervision and control for our mind to constructively navigate our responses and reactions, it is good and beneficial for us. However, if we start to control and supervise the people around us, it starts to spoil our relationships sooner or later. For sure, none of us want that. Even with the constant need to control the situations that are supposed to happen to us in life, we can not control this flow, because everything happens to us according to the plan of our soul and not according to the plan of desire or ideas of our mind. The sooner we become aware of all the blockages and fears and begin to remove them, the sooner we will be able to live our lives more easily, for our soul.


Do we have any control over our emotional states, or are emotions just bursting out of us uncontrollably? We need to learn to recognize our emotions and inhabit a constructive way of expressing ourselves, that is, to capture the right moment – the awareness that we learn to control our emotions and not let emotions guide us. In people who express emotions very aggressively and unconsciously, their body is in constant motion and therefore often in great imbalance, which is why it is so important to become aware of these emotional outbursts so that we can consciously transform them. We need to ask ourselves about the reasons that lead to such outbursts – what is the mechanism behind emotion? With the help of this chakra, we can mentally understand emotions and have an opportunity to live a fulfilled emotional life without being overwhelmed by any emotion. There is also a big difference between experiencing current emotional responses that are appropriate to the situation and long-term drowning in negative emotions. Let’s talk about the harm that such emotions do to our body and why this happens and how to transform them. Some of the most common destructive emotional states are feelings of guilt, whether someone else pushed you to feel guilty about something, or you blame yourself and judge yourself, resentment, and hurt, but the most harmful to the body of all is anger. Unprocessed anger affects the physical state of the stomach, causing pain, inflammation, stomach wounds, and problems with too much acid in this area when that area is blocked.

Consciousness, subconscious, and higher consciousness

We will learn about the differences and functions of our consciousness, subconscious, and higher consciousness. The subconscious level is the one in which all the automatic processes are stored, that is, everything the body needs to be able to function at all. It also stores karmic content, everything that our soul brings with it from previous lives, what we experienced in our mother’s wombs and what we inherited from our ancestors and imitated from our parents. All of these programs run in the background unconsciously. On a conscious level, however, we create our reality. Consciousness uses a bunch of tools to be able to master what we call reality. It uses the mind, emotions, feelings, memory, intuition, and all the senses, even the higher ones. Higher consciousness, however, is the level of complete creativity, and complete concentration, it is a shift to the realm of pure being, that is, the being of the highest source, the creation within us. Some manage to achieve this state through meditation, others during prayer, maybe through rituals or dances, and we all experience it through the process of death when we recognize the truth about ourselves, and who we are.

Guided meditation WHO AM I

I will guide you through the processes of discovering and transforming destructive and harmful patterns located in the 3rd chakra, and a process for connecting with our true essence and expanding the horizons of your consciousness beyond the limits of the thinking mind.


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