Rebirth (Lesson 3): Knowing Your Worth



Rebirth (Lesson 3): Knowing Your Worth


In the 3rd lecture, we will be diving even deeper into the understanding of ourselves, and all the layers that define us as human beings. We will be covering all areas of living that are ruled by the 2nd chakra. Another name for this chakra is the Sacral or the sexual chakra. We dive into the topics of self-respect and self-worth and will be traveling deeper in touch with our true selves and learning how to become our own doctors through a guided meditation process.

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The content of lecture 3 covers the analysis of our relationships with ourselves and our partners. It covers detailed explanations about:

  • lecture about the 2nd chakra
  • a guided meditation for getting in touch with our true selves
  • lecture about emotions, how they affect our bodies, and what makes us ill
  • relationships
  • what human beings consist of
  • how our souls communicate with us through our feelings
  • why we lose energy
  • guided process for transforming unconscious patterns in the 2nd chakra

Lecture about the 2nd chakra

The 2nd chakra represents the origin of our bodily experience, sensibility, and relationships with ourselves and others. We experience the world through our 5 senses and during that process, we shape our point of view of self and other living beings. Patterns and blockages in this chakra that we accumulated throughout life can distort our perception and disables us to see the clear picture. The content of this chakra also shows us our relationship with our physical bodies and how able we are to accept it fully, in all its life stages and shapes. This chakra also reveals how we experience sexuality, sensuality, and other joys life offers. Let’s pause and ask ourselves, how much do we let ourselves enjoy life fully? We learn about all things that limit us and block us from doing just that, and how to improve this chakra’s function and energy flowability.

Self-worth and self respect

Self-esteem and a healthy attitude towards ourselves are the foundation for all other relationships in our lives. As much as we can appreciate and accept ourselves, as much love as we are able to give to ourselves, only so much love can we receive and give to others. We will observe our attitudes towards both giving and receiving love. On the one hand, closing off from love, on the other hand, the boundless care and devotion to helping other people is a value that has always been highly valued by mankind. But the truth is, giving to others, family, friends, our jobs, charity, etc., while neglecting our own needs and desires leads us to physical illness sooner or later. Discovering the line between offering a loving helping hand and irrational giving of self is very important. Through discovering and removing blockages and limiting beliefs in this chakra, we can start returning to the right path, the path of love. We start with building a loving and understanding bond with ourselves, and thus our self-image and self-esteem begin to awaken. With the growth of love for ourselves, the boundaries that we sometimes need to set for others and our surroundings for our own good, start to become clearer and clearer.


How do the things that happened between our parents when we were children define our current relationships and our choice of partners? Are we able to understand the lessons that life brings to us along with the people who come and go from our lives? What is our relationship to the opposite sex, the other pole of our energy? Are we really happy with our partnerships and know-how to solve problems and disagreements? Our surroundings reflect our inner self, we take a step back and look at the qualities of relationships in our lives, and first, we start, of course, with the relationship we shape with ourselves on daily basis. Change yourself and you will change the world. We learn to become aware of what wrong beliefs and harmful programs we carry with us in the subconscious, programs due to which we are unable to get out of the cycle of bad and dysfunctional relationships.

What layers do humans consist of and how our souls communicate with our bodies

In addition to our physical, visible, and tangible body, our whole existence consists of the subconscious and consciousness, as well as the emotional, mental, and spiritual body. These levels not only exist at the same time but are constantly intertwined and affect each other without our knowledge. Treating one level without taking a look at it and being aware of what is happening on the other levels at the same time, rarely bears the fruit of discovering the root cause of our problem. For example, it is counterproductive to exclude a person’s emotional and spiritual state in the case of a mental disorder, as well as the environment and relationships that surround a person. These factors are inseparable and, through their constant interaction, enable the complexity of human existence. It also makes sense to investigate what happens to humans on other, equally important levels in the occurrence of repeating chronic physical issues. It also makes sense to start building and making contact with our body, as other levels send messages through the body about blockages or our harmful behaviors. In other words, we call these messages disease. When we become more aware of our body and all the other layers, the faster we become aware of our actions and blockages that could lead to disease, this way we learn to read the messages before they reach the physical body level.

Why do we get sick?

Our body has its own consciousness and scans absolutely everything we experience during life and we are usually not even aware of it. Our unprocessed emotional states create blockages in our body, so that part of the body starts sending us a message that the energy flow in the area is blocked. In this way, the body tells us that we aren’t living aligned with ourselves, that we are basically unconscious, we are not awake. Through this lecture, you begin to understand how emotions affect your health. You will be equipped with important knowledge for helping yourself and your loved ones. Through concrete examples, you will come to better understand how sadness and grief affect the lungs, how too much worry affects the spleen, how guilt and condemnation hurt our stomach, how anger damages the immune system, and how resentment and feeling hurt affects the pancreas and how fear disables the kidneys.

How we lose energy

We lose most of our energy with an unhealthy lifestyle, destructive thinking patterns, wrong beliefs, and being trapped in old concepts. When we resist or do not accept either the situation we are in, ourselves or others, laws, opinions of others that are different from ours, are all times when we are leaking our energy outward. Accepting is not the same as agreeing. We lose energy when we constantly live for others, and when we are tired or exhausted and don’t take time to rest. You have probably noticed that your energy level drops when you come in contact with people who have a very low energy level, or are caught up in constant trouble and feel victimized and dissatisfied with everything in life. They subconsciously seek out a person to connect to who has more energy than they do and drink it from us without us being aware of it.

A guided meditation process for transforming subconscious patterns of the 2nd chakra

I guide you through the process of entering the space of the second chakra, the process of becoming aware of and transforming the patterns that this chakra contains, and the process of meditation to relax and connect with your true nature, love, and light, a process for connecting with your soul, that is hiding under layers of baggage that we unnecessarily accumulate and carry with us as a human being.


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