Rebirth (Lesson 6): Knowing Your Limits and Boundaries



Rebirth (Lesson 6): Knowing Your Limits and Boundaries


In this lesson, we will be talking about all the ways a person is able to express themselves and what happens to us if our channels for expression are blocked. We are not only interested in our ability to communicate, our style of communication, but also our content. Right now we are exploring the level of the 5th chakra, the chakra of expression, through which we communicate all the contents that are stored in all the other chakras with the outside world.

This lesson is all about expressing your truth, and setting healthy boundaries for yourself and others.

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The content of the 6th lecture refers to the area of ​​the 5th chakra, the ability to recognize and express one’s truth and desires, and the ability to empathize and set boundaries. It includes detailed explanations about:

  • lecture on the 5th chakra
  • setting boundaries
  • compassion with oneself
  • communication
  • blockages of the 5th chakra
  • guided meditation through all chakras and connecting with our soul guide
  • a process for transforming blockages of the 5th chakra

About the 5th chakra

This chakra is located in the neck area and we also call it the throat chakra. The throat chakra is most important for expressing both our thoughts, emotions, ideas, and opinions as well as our truth and free will. At this level, we express our needs and feelings in words. When we don’t do this and repress our feelings and desires, this chakra starts malfunctioning. Sometimes we are limited by fear of how other people might react to our thoughts and emotion. We need to transcend this fear and be aware of our own path and our basic need to express ourselves. The personal power of expression is closely linked to self-confidence, ambition, and also the power of expressing our own opinion, as well as our ideas, and the power of choice and expression of our free will.

Setting boundaries for self and others

Many of us have trouble setting boundaries for ourselves or setting boundaries for others. The 5th chakra is related to our ability to communicate. At the level of this chakra, we begin to express the content found in other chakras. If the other chakras are not in balance and cleansed, this is certainly reflected in this chakra. This means, that until only pure light shines through us, we continue to communicate old grudges, project guilt, or constantly defend and apologize without us even realizing it. The voice is a pure channel for energies that tells exactly who we are and at what level of spiritual development we are. We speak according to the truth that is within us – that is what spiritual development is. All words and all sounds carry vibrations. Mantras have their own vibration that helps us heal different parts of ourselves. Sound, therefore, promotes healing.


One of the main components of mindfulness is self-compassion. When a problem arises, people tend to immediately run to a solution. Mindfulness allows us to stop and allow ourselves to understand our pain. You may be wondering why someone would want to prolong their agony? This is by no means about masochism, but about creating space for self-compassion. Have you ever confessed your problem to a friend and they immediately offered you a solution? But after that, you felt lonely, empty, maybe you were even angry at your friend. You didn’t want their advice, you just wanted them to listen to you and sympathize with you. We can do the same with ourselves. We learn to create an environment where our sadness, fear, shame, and anger can be expressed and accepted in a loving, compassionate, and understanding way, because only then will we be able to transform and outgrow them. Through mindful monitoring of our own experience, we thus create distance between ourselves and our current mental states. At this point, they are neither overwhelming nor ignored, but we take a moment alone with them, in a loving way, like a nurturing parental figure would with our inner children. Self-esteem is a skill we can be developing all our lives. We will benefit from this, as well as our loved ones, as others can subconsciously perceive our inner well-being with the help of mirroring neurons. In this way, we will alleviate the unwanted mental distress and create a more pleasant, happier life. Self-esteem is especially important if we have difficult life circumstances, are very compassionate towards others, and/or work in helping professions where this knowledge can protect us from burnout.

Expression (communication)

People whose neck chakra is restless and too active, often speak (too) fast, as if their speech overtook their thoughts. They are bad listeners. Restless speech and a lot of talking are most often driven by a restlessness in the human psyche (or overburdened abdominal chakra), but it can also be caused by mental restlessness. On the other hand, if a person finds it difficult to express themselves or does not find the right words, that fact speaks of a blocked or inert neck chakra. The content of our words speaks of the quality of the energies of the neck chakra. Sometimes we meet someone who talks a lot but says nothing. On the other hand, someone says very little, but what is said is weighty and wise. Words are a wonderful creative tool of the mind, from which the human race has created not only oratory, singing, and theater, but also science, art, philosophy, universities, and libraries. In fact, the whole world came from the word. As the first sentence of Genesis symbolically says: In the beginning was the Word.

What blocks the 5th chakra

How well a child communicates depends on how the parents deal with them. A child who is loved and well cared for and whose parents are communicative will develop a clear speech and a vocabulary appropriate to his or her age. If a child lives in a family where people do not take the time to listen to each other, if they do not talk but shout instead, then the child will unconsciously assume that he should be communicating in that manner. Once he starts attending school, he will quickly learn, that such a way of communication is not acceptable. This will confuse him and even affect his self-esteem. Unfortunately, some children have found it better to keep their mouths shut and not talk. They either experienced physical or verbal abuse. To survive, children are triggered by an instinct and find that in certain situations it is safer to be quiet to protect themselves. We know that harsh and critical words can hurt more than a knife, and words that come from the heart can also heal more than a patch can. People who have a lack of energy in the throat chakra usually have a weak voice and speak almost as if whispering. They are afraid of being heard, afraid of feedback, as they were probably also exposed to criticism in early life. If a person speaks quietly, the interlocutor may not hear them well, so they are often asked if they can repeat their words. Thus, an already shy and insecure person becomes even more insecure. This can result in stuttering or developing a speech impediment.

Meditation process – traveling through all the chakras and discovering blockages of the 5th chakra

We will descend into a state of deep meditation and travel through the sensation of each chakra individually to become aware of it and take a look if there is anything in it that needs transformation. In the process, we will also establish a connection with our spirit guides and learn how to connect with them when we are in need of guidance.


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