Rebirth (Lesson 2): Foundation for understanding ourselves and our family



Rebirth (Lesson 2): Foundation for understanding ourselves and our family


Throughout the second lecture, we will be learning to understand how we are creating and undertaking harmful patterns, beliefs, and addictions and how to break free from them. We will be looking at our relationship with money that we created based on our and others’ beliefs throughout life. We will learn about and observe different roles we subconsciously choose to play in our families as children and how trapped we remain in these roles to this day. Destructive patterns, belief systems, and roles that we continue to carry along with us dictate our reactions, emotional responses, thought processes, our perception of the world, and all relationships in our lives.

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The content of lecture 2 is the fundamental knowledge about understanding ourselves and our family dynamics. It covers detailed explanations about:

  • process Axis Mundi
  • how patterns are created
  • roles in families
  • real-life examples
  • lecture about the 1st chakra
  • the guided process connected to our parents

Process Axis Mundi

The human being as a whole is a marriage between the Earth and the sky. In order to function and survive, we need air, water, and food, but we also collect energies from our surroundings, from the Earth itself, and the universe. The energy collected from the universe, the eternal source can be called spiritual food, food for the soul. Connection to both energy sources, the Earth and the above is equally as important for our existence and optimal performance on the physical, mental, and emotional levels. Axis Mundi is a meditation process in which we connect to both those energies. We put ourselves inside a pillar and become a channel for the healing Earth and spiritual energies, which causes a feeling of focus, being grounded and centered inside our bodies, as well as open to healing energies from the source above. Connectedness and the ability for the energies to flow freely are essential for our chakra centers to work properly. Aside from feeling the connection to both essential sources, the process is also an efficient way of collecting the extra energy we need in our everyday lives and more importantly, we will need it in order to do the work of our healing.

How are patterns created

You would probably agree, that if we repeat something for long enough it becomes a habit and many times even a rule. If something is done by the majority of people, being good or bad behavior, that too can soon become acceptable. We can get rid of old patterns the same way we created them. But the truth is, we will only be able to get rid of them by becoming conscious of the limiting beliefs we are carrying inside us as well.  We need to acknowledge and become aware of the things we don’t want to carry with us anymore, that recognition helps us to shape the idea on things we do want to invite into our lives and make a change. The solution lies in letting go of the need for certain behavior and we’ll change the pattern of acting in ways we dislike, the ways that we may not be proud of.  By this point, we are aware, that all of the above is copied by our children. When we start the process of self-healing, we are healing our children and grandchildren as well. Breaking the patterns will free them of the same wounds as well, and will break the cycle of dysfunctional relationships along the family line in the future. We should want these changes for our well-being first, our children may come as extra motivation.

This course will equip you with tools for self-help and stepping out of old patterns that are limiting you.

Roles in families

The roles we subconsciously choose to play in our family dynamic as children is a very interesting area for exploring ourselves even deeper. The lecture contains simple real-life examples of these roles and how they function and I can guarantee you will find yourself in one of them, if not multiple. The role the child plays and the burden it carries along with it can develop as a form of self-defense, or as a compensation for conflicts in the child’s dysfunctional surroundings. None of that should be taken on by a child, but it’s something that happens automatically. The understanding of family roles enlightens us with a new perspective of ourselves and our family dynamic. We take a step back and take an objective look at our family drama and our role in it. That helps us to see the real picture more clearly, to see what we can do about it and how to step outside that role.

Lecture about the 1st chakra

This second lecture contains deepened introduction to the 1st chakra, which is a foundation and a database of stored information: patterns, karma, traditions, home life, family, society, thinking and emotional patterns. It also holds the memory of what we have seen as children, the relationship between parents, and everything that we “scanned” and learned to repeat from them is now a guideline for our relationships, the relationship with ourselves, and all living creatures. The functionality of this chakra determines our stability and our will to live. It’s the foundation of our being and the energy caregiver for all other chakras, moving the energy flow upwards through the main energy channel. It’s like an anchor that grounds us deep in the Earth’s energy center. It keeps us in the present moment, connected to our survival, and gives us the ability to be capable of fulfilling our needs and desires. This chakra also stores blockages connected to money and our relationship with it.

Self healing meditation process

I will be leading you through a process for cleansing of the subconscious in which we become aware of our trauma, patterns, our lackings and suppressed childhood emotions. With the help of this guided process, you will be able to relieve all that was pilling up inside you and making you uncomfortable and help you to breathe with your lungs full.


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